As you might guess, this blog is not only about devices. It’s also about how emerging devices are shaping platforms and disrupting ecosystems and vice versa.

Why devices, platforms and ecosystems?

Devices represent the technology aspect, and the platform forms the business model and an ecosystem drives the partnership and is a really a marketing endeavor. I am interested in connecting all three aspects to tell a story and explore how the battles of devices are won by winning the war of ecosystems. The ecosystems not only include the hardware and software, but also developer communities and open source systems. The difference between success and failure of devices in enterprise or consumer is how the markets are shaped not only with platforms but also who participates in the ecosystems.

In this blog we will explore what’s the winning ingredient for the devices, platforms and ecosystems and understand the technology and trends from developers, product management and marketing perspective.  

Ever wondered, why we do experiments on the mice in the labs? Their gestational cycles are small (22 days from conception to birth) that helps us observe the changes better as they adapt to the stimuli we introduce. Similarly, I will employ some ideas from the internet and mobile as it will enrich our understanding of the market cycles better due to their hyper-growth.

Why me?

I worked at Symantec/Veritas for over a decade (2001-2011) where I led the adoption of devices in enterprise. I have built platforms, extended ecosystems with strong focus on both on technology and strategy.  The product I help built was placed in the Gartner’s Leadership Quadrant, won CODiE award and recognized for business results for driving revenue from $9M to $20M. Prior to that I was in a startup and worked on a streaming media platform, developed a network and simulation platform and introduced the first smart card based platform in the US. I had the opportunity to work with several vendors, integrated with their API/SDKs and delivered OEM products with Cisco, Netapp and VMware.

I got my Masters in Computer Science from JK Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, in Allahabad University, where I had the privilege of learning from the best professors in computer science who kindled my spirit for learning and inspired me with their leadership. Being in the city and  a place which is known as the Oxford of East, influenced me personally, where I experienced the confluence of the rich history of freedom struggle of India, a center of several political movements, a vibrant cultural hub and the decadence thereafter, a perfect storm for learning that provided me the direction and defined the purpose of my life. 

In my other life, I’m an husband, father of two, love soccer, an avid gardener, study architecture and design and live in the old orchard city of Cupertino, about 50 miles south of San Francisco, known today for Apple’s headquarters.

Lastly, these thoughts and ideas are my independent insights, analysis and research. My opinions are no way related to my current or previous employers.


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